What will I learn?

  Bujinkan  Budo Taijutsu teaches effective ways of self-protection using timing,  distance, and angling. Our Taijutsu (body skills) is comprised of:

  1. Dakentaijutsu (Body Striking Methods)
  2. Koshijutsu (nerve and muscle attacks)
  3. Koppojutsu (Bone structure  manipulation)
  4. Nage waza (throwing methods)
  5. Jutaijutsu (grappling methods)
  6. Gyaku waza (joint locks and reversals)
  7. Hajutsu (escapes from grabs)
  8. Taisabaki (evasive body movement)
  9. Ukemi (efficient methods of falling to the ground safely and recovering)

We also study traditional Japanese weaponry, and how to combine their usage with our taijutsu practice. Some of the common weapons we train with are:

  1. Bojutsu (staff wapons of various lengths)
  2. Kenjutsu (swords of varying lengths)
  3. Tantojutsu (knife fighting)
  4. Kusarijutsu (weighted chain techniques)
  5. Sojutsu (Japanese spear)
  6. Shuriken (throwing weapons, aka throwing stars and spikes)
  7. Shuko (hand claws)
  8. Kyoketsu-Shoge (hooked blade and rope weapon)

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